Free Annual Credit Report from the Government

Credit report is probably the most important piece of personal financial information you need to know after your bank statement. It is crucial in every decision about whether to give someone a line of credit, auto loan or house mortgage.

Many people don’t think about credit report until it is too late and end up with unpleasant news that interest rate on their loans is way above what they’ve expected. Or even worse, they realize that loan they were thinking about is unavailable to them at any rate. During last several years getting a loan was much easier than usual. But after the burst of the real estate bubble things reverted back to historical norms, and it is impossible to get a good loan or refinance an old one without having good credit history. Your 2014 Credit Score May Have Changed. See Your FREE Credit Score – $0 from Sign up Now!

Credit Agencies

When you make any transaction that involves credit, it is recorded by 3 credit agencies (I listed them with phones so you can contact them right away for you free report):

  • Experian – (1-888-397-3742)
  • TransUnion – (1-800-888-4213)
  • Equifax – (1-800-685-1111)

These agencies were established many years ago and their main purpose is to collect information about potential loan applicants. We won’t discuss here why there are three of them and whether just one would be more than enough for that purpose.
free_credit_report_box_smallIn any case there are 3 competing agencies and each of them have similar information about you. But as we all know information can easily get lost, and that’s why there is a good chance that some agencies will have more informaton about you than others. That is why the best way to know all about your credit history is to get reports from all of them.

It is of course possible to just get a report from one agency and hope that company giving you a loan will use the same one. But the chance of it is 1 in 3; besides,  many established mortgage companies use reports from all 3 agencies.

So do you really need to spend money on all 3 reports? Not really!

Some time ago government realized that getting all 3 reports from agencies could be quite an expensive operation for many consumers. That’s why they created a law which requires credit agencies to provide each consumer one free annual credit report government subsidized. That’s where the notion of “free credit report” came from.

On this website you will find most recent and up to date information about various topics like: where to get credit report, what information you should pay attention to in a credit report, how to improve your credit report. Make sure to read it all to be completely armed when dealing with your credit history.

If you want to get your free credit report right away you can visit government owned site Alternatively you can use or or websites which will redirect you to and will give you the same information. The reports on these sites are absolutely free and provided to you by FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act.