Free Credit Report Band

It was only a few years ago that televisions around the country were assailed with commercials promoting free credit reports and they were quite memorable because of the band playing the jingle. Although many people weren’t exactly fond of those commercials they certainly did what they set out to do and that was to promote the free credit report website. The band became known as the free credit report band and when the television spots were removed those commercials were actually missed!

Of course all commercials run their course but the name of the website did become a household name which led many people to wonder what exactly happened to the band. It appears as if the credit bureaus wanted to place more emphasis on free credit scores so the free credit report band was replaced with free credit score commercials. The end result is that now more people are aware that they need to obtain their credit score as well since a credit report isn’t sufficient to indicate someone’s creditworthiness.

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