Free Credit Report No Credit Card

Many people see those online banners that promote a free credit report no credit card needed but are unaware of the fact that this is only for a trial period. While it is possible to get a credit report without a credit card initially, that is most often only the first step that needs to be taken when repairing your credit. Sometimes it is necessary to monitor your credit because of the information you find on each of the three reports from the major credit bureaus. If you find that you need to sign up with a credit monitoring service then you will almost certainly need a credit card as there is a fee attached to the service.

With that being said, paying a fee to keep a vigilant eye on your credit report and/or credit score is a small price to pay when you are trying to reestablish good credit. Yes, you can get still take advantage of those ads for free credit report no credit card, but bear in mind that the government only requires those credit bureaus to provide a free report. If you are in need of advice on how to repair your credit there may be a fee to pay.

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