Three is One (3 in 1) Credit Report

Every year consumers should get a copy of their three in one (3 in 1) credit report in order to see exactly what is on it. Although it is possible to get a separate report from the three major reporting agencies, the 3 in 1 report provides all the data in one consolidated report, making it easier to compare. Keep in mind that these agencies base their scores on different criteria so it really is necessary to see what each report contains.

Unfortunately, some of the data on your report may not be accurate due to reporting errors and/or such things as identity theft. Unless you have access to exactly what is on each of the three major reports there is no way to take steps to rectify the errors. Because all three reports are consolidated, making them easier to compare, a three in one (3 in 1) credit report is the best method of keeping track of your own credit each year.

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